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Mai Stor
Welcome! The name is Mai Stor - a 20 y/o gal who lives in Israel, the holy land, and enjoys nothings more than taking cute pics, traveling the country and the world and eating (a lot). Hope you'll find what you're looking for and stick around for a while!

♥ welcome to my blog! ♥

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Dragon Noodles

Here's my first outfit post since I got back blogging 😇 I'm so excited!
It was actually so hard taking these photos because of the harsh sunlight we had to deal with. We are still not very well-taught in the photography world, therefore we were struggling- A lot. But I managed to pull out the best pictures I could get, and I hope the result is good.
I actually wore this outfit when we were celebrating 'Independence day' here in Israel (minus the beanie). I felt like this edgy and cool girl I wanted to be when I was a teenager, although I still feel like one. With that being said, I'm turning 20 in 2 weeks. that's insane! I don't feel like a woman yet, maybe because I look like a 14 years old girl. Don't worry, I'm well aware of that fact. 😉
WARNING - You'll probably see these Nike's in almost every post. They are so comfy and so practical, they literally match with every outfit I pick. HOW??? 
BTW - if you have been wondering about the post title which makes absolutely no sense - you can ask my bf, he'll expain. jk. Basically he was pretending to read the Chinese titles on my shirt and he said Dragon noodles- I just went with it. 
To sum things up, I hope you like noodles as much as I do. Ok bye now. ⭐

Wearing : Thrift store beanie / Urbanica Jacket / Bershka top / H&M skirt / Fix Socks / Nike air force snickers / H&M earings.

XOXO, Mai 


  1. i love everything about this outfit! you're so gorgeous! :D

    xoxo, rae


  2. What a cute look! I love the mixture of feminine, casual, and edgy!

    1. Thanks, I love it too (lol obviously)...
      xoxo, Mai♥

  3. This is so cute!! Loving your fun style, girl!!

    1. Glad you liked it!! Thanks♥
      xoxo, Mai♥

  4. Beautiful.

  5. Loving your tshirt - such a cute look ♥


  6. loving your cute little cherry socks! đŸ„°

    1. They’re my favorite ever!!
      xoxo, Mai ❤️

  7. I love that graphic tee! totally loving this vibe!

  8. Direct sunlight can be SUCH a pain, haha, I feel ya girl! Love this look- super edgy + fun!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Haha it was horrible 😂 thank you love!!
      xoxo, Mai ❤️


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