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Sunday, August 2, 2015 Lace Up +Ericdress Wishlist + Video

HELLO! This post is a long waited one, and it is the BOMB! I've combined an outfit post, a video and a wishlist all together in one post! You should have known I'll have something special on the way...
Basically I planned this outfit for so long, and I finally shoot it! Yay for procrastinating! I recieved this shirt from Stylemoi, and it is so beautiful and I love the detail on the bottom. I bought this skirt from Forever 21 on sale and I absolutely love it! So I thought I should combine these 2 pieces to look classy and stylish.
Wearing: Stylemoi shirt c\o | Forever 21 skirt | Asos heels | Born pretty rings c\o |.

Now I have a wishlist from Ericdress which is a cute online store, with affordable prices! I picked out some of my favorite things over there, including an affordable triangle swimwear knock-off! (Which I would definitely buy if I'd buy swimwears online). Actually I'm gonna buy the 2 pieces suit which is gorgeous so you'll probably see that soon on the blog!
2 piece suit | Tank Top | Shorts | Bag | Bikini |
Also, you can enter these links-

And Last but not least, the video! I am also becoming a youtuber, so I am starting to shoot videos regularly! So stay tuned and of course Subscribe to my channel!! This one is a morning routine for school or work, I just thought that I can give you a small pick to my life. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
ps- This is post #101 on the blog!

xoxo, Mai ♥
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Friday, July 3, 2015 Fairy Tale

Wearing: Tank top- Forever 21/ Skirt/ Bag/ Necklace- Accessorize London/ Rings- Primark/ Heels- Mom's closet/.
Hello my lovely readers! Long time no seen... The couple of months have been absolutely crazy! on June I finished 10th grade and I had a lot of finals to study for, and now I'm on a vacation and I'm seeing my friends a lot- maybe even to much, until the sun rises. Basically I turned my nights into mornings, and my mornings into nights. So much fun. Also, I got a job!- now I feel that I have a life, and I'm not just sitting on the couch watching TV... (actually the job doesn't stop me from doing this).
Yesterday I told myself that it is about time that I get back here, and I told my brother to get himself ready cause we are going to take outfit pictures! He didn't really want to, and now he has a new job... damn. Yep, I pay my own brother. Lovely brotherhood.
This outfit is pretty magical to me. I love this tank top because it's simple and it can go with pretty much anything, and I remind myself of a fairy, probably because of the colors. I want to share a tiny problem that my brother and I noticed lately- I take my outfit pictures next to flowers almost all the time! Just wanted to say sorry for that, I do want to try and take pictures in a different area, but it is a bit of a problem considering the place I live... EVERYTHING IS FILLED WITH FLOWERS!!! And the placed that doesn't have flowers don't look good with the outfit. 
I'm planning to post on Tuesday as well, but don't trust me on this lol. I also want to make a lot of videos, and if you can give me ideas I would do them for you! Maybe I'll do morning routines, vlogs, tags, whatever you want.
I'll talk to you later, love you! ok bye <3
ps- This is the 100 post on this blog! + I celebrated 16 years on earth on May 29th:)

xoxo, Mai ♥
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Saturday, May 2, 2015 Small Break+May inspiration

Hello! May has started, and I didn't post anything since Aprail 16th!
That's why I decided to take a tiny break from blogging for now, and I wanted to do this officially.
From now on until June 1st, I'm taking a break. 
Or maybe until the 29th of May- cause it's my birthday! Maybe I'll make a post about it or something. But no posts for now.
Explanation- tests! are! killing! me! I have this May about 6 huge tests so I have to work really hard this month, so please don't hate me... I luv u♥ 
But I thought I can leave you with an inspiration post, cause It's a new month and stuff. Ok now I have to study because there's an English test tomorrow! Bye for now <3
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xoxo, Mai ♥
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