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Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Easy

Well, Hello there! As you can see, I cut my hair! It's usually not like this, curly and pretty, It's crazy and puffy and weird :( But I think I like it even more now when it's short, just sayin' .
Basically, This is the very first post of my collaboration with Shahar Levi, and this beautiful tank top is from the collection. This top is so simple, yet so stylish, and I already wore it bunch. You can pair it with almost any trousers, but I picked the khaki shorts cause in my opinion, it was the best pick. I also took my mom's wedges cause they make my legs so fab (lol), and accessorized it with some of my favorites rings from Primark, oh I love this store, maybe it can be my bf? No, pizza is my bf ;)
Well, I really need to go to sleep cause I haven't slept much the other night, so Good Night My Loves ♥
xoxo, Mai
PS- If you are interested in this tank top, contact me via email, I'l tell you the price-

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Friday, July 11, 2014 Makover!

I'm back, more motivated than ever, and because of my long absence I decided to upload a brand new theme for the blog! I was looking for one for ages, and I finally found the one that I absolutely love .
My theme is by The 9nth Wish Designs , and I bought it literally half-an-hour ago, and the shop's owner is very generous and nice, I sent her a message and she answered me 2 minutes after, and I was very impressed- So if you are looking for a new theme for your blog, I definitely recommend this place! 
I have a very exciting announcement! A fashion designer and I started to collaborate! It's such a huge step for me, and also for her, and I can't wait to show you all of her designs with my styling! I don't want to reveal to much, but there are some exciting upcoming projects in the way! The only thing I want to reveal is the name of the designer, Shahar Levi, and I will talk about her brand in the next post.
Until then, Have a lovely weekend ♥

Saturday, June 21, 2014 news

Hi guys :) I know that I haven't been here but my school ended today, and of course I'm happy . But there is something in my life that I'm trying to figure out, so I just wanted to make that official- I'm taking a small break from blogging , maybe one week or two. I just need to realize why do I feel like that. I hope you forgive me for my absence and stuff, but I know it's little bit cheesy but I feel that I need to find myself. I'm lost and I feel empyness. Well my teenage years are not the best and I don't really want to share here. I hope you understand.
Mai :)