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Mai Stor
Welcome! The name is Mai Stor - a 20 y/o gal who lives in Israel, the holy land, and enjoys nothings more than taking cute pics, traveling the country and the world and eating (a lot). Hope you'll find what you're looking for and stick around for a while!

♥ welcome to my blog! ♥

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Good News+Bad News :)

Hey guys:) so i had to post something today so i just posted this massage: I'm in 9th grade. I have lots of tests, and right now i should practice for my test tomorrow.. I try my best with the blog, and now i'm saying: from now on, I will post once a week. I will try to post outfit picture…


wearing- Dog T-shirt, Primark/ Cardigan, mom's closet/ Camo leggings, c/o, sammydress/ Boots/ Purse, c/o, sammydress/ Ring, c/o, www.oasap/
I missed blogging so much!! oh guys, finally an outfit post!! so, these items that arrived in the mail yesterday helped me so much! lets start from that- …

New In

Hey! i'm so sorry that my last outfit post was in October, i'm so sorry that i'm not in my blog. It's the school- i hate it so much!! I had one test, few projects and another 3 tests coming up (one tomorrow), and i'm planning to take some outfit photos tomorrow! i really need a…

Lavish Alice Wishlist

Crop Top / Sweater / Cut-Out Booties /

Dress / Sweater / Playsuits / Clutch /

Hey guys! you have no idea how much pressure i have right now! we have lots of tests coming up- 1. Friday- math, 21/10- Physics, 25/10- Bible, 29/10- Biology. Omg that's so many! so tomorrow i will get rid of some t…

Sick. :(

Hey guys, turns out that i'm sick. ugh. i didn't see that coming! listen- i slept at my friend's house in the north with my 2 friends. it was nice and cozy in the room and they decided to turn on the air conditioning. So, we slept like this for the whole night, so i became sick- now i …


Hi guys! so recently, i discovered an amazing online store that called- Persunmall. They have the most amazing clothes and more like bags, shoes, accessories etc. so i wanted to show you the awesomeness of that store so i made a small wishlist from there! my favorites in that wishlist are the Simp…

The pineapple skirt

wearing- pineapple skirt, H&M/ celine t-shirt, Ebay/ Sandals, Scoop/ Hello again! sorry that i didn't post yesterday as i promised, but i had an English test and i just studied all the time! It went well, we'll see the result in 2 weeks maybe! so, now school is starting for real, tests…

ppl love these

Dragon Noodles
Hellooooo! Here's my first outfit post since I got back blogging 😇 I'm so excited! It was…
Hello my old friends♥
Well hello there. Long time no seen. SURPRISE! I decided to start my blog again, this time with a b…
Blue Tones (15% discount code!)
Hi Folks! New Tuesday, new post :) I'm pretty sure I had to iron this shirt for this, but I li…
Caesarea Nights
My family and I spent our last Saturday hanging out in Caesarea and everything we saw there was am…