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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Good News+Bad News :)

Hey guys:) so i had to post something today so i just posted this massage:
I'm in 9th grade. I have lots of tests, and right now i should practice for my test tomorrow.. I try my best with the blog, and now i'm saying: from now on, I will post once a week. I will try to post outfit pictures, but the thing is that i really need to try hard until the 3rd in February.. cause then we will get our diplomas and with them, will go to sign up for high school. so I still didn't figure it out what i will do with the blog, but i will try to post once a week. and please forgive me, if i wouldn't post.. (btw- tomorrow will be my last test this week so i would be able to post some pictures!!)
AND FOR SOME GOOD NEWS- i'm planning to go to a photography course! and if i will know how to use a professional camera, and lens, i will get one for myself, and the pictures will be in high quality! are you excited as I am??? *scream*
oh, and on Saturday, i went to my very first Halloween!! it was so much fun and i collected a lots of candies haha so here's a picture from my instagram-
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bye guys, have a lovely week ♥

Thursday, October 24, 2013 Impossible

wearing- Dog T-shirt, Primark/ Cardigan, mom's closet/ Camo leggings, c/o, sammydress/ Boots/ Purse, c/o, sammydress/ Ring, c/o, www.oasap/
I missed blogging so much!! oh guys, finally an outfit post!! so, these items that arrived in the mail yesterday helped me so much! lets start from that- i had such a busy week, full with tests and projects. the next week will be better. Today it's my BFF b-day! happy bday to her! (unrelated- i changed my editing, i'm using curves now! so much better..)
Those leggings, that i got from sammydress, let me just say, they are gorgeous!! the colors are so amazing and the fabric is perfect! it feels like velvet, but much more nice! i fell in love with them when i received it, i didn't expect that metrical and quality! and the bag is so small and sweet, perfect for my iphone, keys and wipes! And let's talk about my ring that i got from oasap- so sweet. oh god. I wanted it like ages ago, and finally got it! I'M SO HAPPY! ♥ so click on the links and find lovely fashion stores!
listen- for my first video i wanna do questions and answers video `;) just send me some questions and i'll answer them! it will be so much fun<3 so tomorrow there's a test- i will go practice now! bye :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 New In

Hey! i'm so sorry that my last outfit post was in October, i'm so sorry that i'm not in my blog. It's the school- i hate it so much!! I had one test, few projects and another 3 tests coming up (one tomorrow), and i'm planning to take some outfit photos tomorrow! i really need a vacation right now. All i do is studying, studying and studying- i'm not joking. I sat today in my brand new bed (I see a room-tour coming up soon!) and learned for my math test tomorrow. it's hard- I promise to let you know how it went haha :)
so..... these things helped me today a lot- i got my order from oasap!! my mom let me know in the morning when I was in school and I just jumped from happy and the kids were starring at me in weird faces (then i had to explain to them about my blog, and all my collaborations haha). So, i'm sorry about the bad quality of the picture it's just that i'm so tired and i took this pic on Instagram.. hope you forgive me <3
So thank you Oasap, you are great and i just  love your brand (and if you are reading this, my readers, then you should love them too) ♥
good night ya'll!! <3
oh, and i opened a stylight account follow me there-

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Lavish Alice Wishlist

Lavish Alice part 1

Lavish Alice part 2

Dress / Sweater / Playsuits / Clutch /

Hey guys! you have no idea how much pressure i have right now! we have lots of tests coming up- 1. Friday- math, 21/10- Physics, 25/10- Bible, 29/10- Biology. Omg that's so many! so tomorrow i will get rid of some things in school and the blog may be updated as usual!

so, what do you see above actually? Lavish Alice has such an amazing stuff!! I love tartan so much (i don't have any piece of clothing with it, just an old scottish skirt) and i'm starting to develop an addiction for that- that's what i want to buy! so the patterns section is so colorful and happy- i mean look at the playsuit! and the dress! and the sweater! and the clutch! OMG! so let's get to business...

LA are running a competition which they will choose 5 bloggers randomly and they will send each of them the same item, and in the end they will choose who styled it the best and he will get a £50 voucher! and the other 5 bloggers would get to keep their item! WINWIN! YAY ♥ The top 5 bloggers will be revealed on the 25th of October, The overall winner will be revealed on the 13th of November. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Sunday, October 13, 2013 Sick. :(

Hey guys, turns out that i'm sick. ugh. i didn't see that coming! listen- i slept at my friend's house in the north with my 2 friends. it was nice and cozy in the room and they decided to turn on the air conditioning. So, we slept like this for the whole night, so i became sick- now i have a fever, i need to take pills because my throat is heart like hell, and i need tons of tissues. so tomorrow i won't go to school and today i went because my mother made me DX sad. so i wanted to take outfit photos but it won't come out soon cause i'm sick and my friends and I have to make a project for science class, so until the 10/17 i wouldn't update here- so sorry! so i thought to give you some pics from my instagram and thing that i wrote in twitter about my fever- yes i'm so bored... have a nice day/night guys <3 (oh, and in 21 followers i will get to 400 followers, just wanted to thank all of you- you are amazing!!)
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013 Persunmall

Hi guys! so recently, i discovered an amazing online store that called- Persunmall. They have the most amazing clothes and more like bags, shoes, accessories etc. so i wanted to show you the awesomeness of that store so i made a small wishlist from there! my favorites in that wishlist are the Simpsons sweater and the bag. they're so gorgeous! hope you will wanna buy something from there! or just click on the wishlist, it will lead you to their store! have a good day/night lovelies ♥

Friday, October 4, 2013 The pineapple skirt

wearing- pineapple skirt, H&M/ celine t-shirt, Ebay/ Sandals, Scoop/
Hello again! sorry that i didn't post yesterday as i promised, but i had an English test and i just studied all the time! It went well, we'll see the result in 2 weeks maybe! so, now school is starting for real, tests, homework so i will try my best with the blog! I have another post (not an outfit post) that i will post in 4 days- so you should be here that's very important! 

So this skirt is the best clothing-item i ever had! it is so cool, pineapple print all over, and i matched it to a simple shirt with a 'celine Paris' text. It took me like forever to find the right shirt- i literally took my whole closet out, to find this amazing shirt! And the location was so beautiful- with these red flowers, and the trees in the background and this wall! let me tell you something: we searched for the perfect location for maybe 30 minutes.. i really need a professional camera soon.. speaking of cameras- a girl from my class will let me use her camera very soon for the shoot- she has a camera of canon with 15 mm-55 mm lens, tell me if you think that lens is good ok? so now i have to finish my homework and start the french presentation! wish me good luck <3