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Thursday, August 29, 2013 The cool kid with the cap + London Video Diary

as i promissed to you- london video diary!! and an outfit post!! 2 exciting things in one. i can't hide this from you- it took me litrally less than 1 hour to make this; i just know my videos and what i wanted together and the movie maker. it just to easy. but seriously- if something bothers you in the video please let me know i would love to hear it and fix it in the future! (and i'm so sorry that it is with the black frame. didn't mean that.)

and now- our outfit. ok. so first thing in this outfit is this awesome crop top. i've been searching over 2 month crop top, and when i found it i just couldn't beleive! i was so happy that i found the perfect one i just had to get it!! so i got another one in navy blue. it's so beautiful! because that crop top is a cool thing i figured i just had to match with it a pair of leggings, sneakers and how not? a cap. cap that's cool. yo man! (lol) so i hoped you enjoyed the video and the post <3 kisses!! ♥♥

wearing: Crop top/ Leggings, Primark/ Sneakers, US/ Hat, Gift.

Sunday, August 25, 2013 London Photo Diary

Hi guys!! i came back from London and did this photo diary! this is my first time that i did it and i edited the photos differently- do you see that? what do you think? so our stay in London was very nice, not my fav vacation, but it was very nice. the buildings are beautiful and almost everything is so ancient. we were in lots of places like- the london eye, the london dungeon (which was very disgusting), madame tussauds, hyde park, the thames, picadilly circus, buckingham palace and much more!! (p.s.- this photo that you see with the 'scream' took in the Picadilly circus, it scared me!!). so i have to admit it- i didn't took any outfit photos because when it comes to comfort- i'm not the best. i needed my sports shoes, leggings and lots (lots) of sweaters. so i'm sorry for that :( a video diary will come soon (in a week or less) so be here!! something funny that happened to me- i lost my glasses in madame tussauds! haha because i'm stupid. they found it after 2 days and i was happy! but they found it after the 'Dirty Dancing' show so i almost didn't see a thing! ughh XD ok so i talk to much god i have to stop!! haha so i hope you liked the photos and bye! ♥

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 England!!

Hey guys! ok i'm so excited right now!! tomorrow i will be on my flight to London and i'm so excited!! so i wont be here for 6 days from now, but if you want to see some updates with me in london, you should follow my instagram it's- @mairedhead so it would be so nice if you follow me! <3 ok guys for the last time this week, Mai ! ♥♥

Sunday, August 11, 2013 Chevron

Hello my friends! long time never seen!! finally i'm here with another outfit post, are you excited as i am?? so i came back from the bakery now and find myself run to the computer to write this post :) i just couldn't wait! this skirt is one of my fav- it got chevron stripes, that's my fav print! i have to say that i'm so so sorry that i didn't shoot any outfit posts before, i was at my dad's place without any camera or a friend to shoot me. so i'm in my home now- home sweet home. so as i said before this is my fav print, and colors. i combined this skirt with one of my all time fav t-shirt and heels to look more sophisticated. XD and i want to announce this- i'm starting to do videos! thank you so much for all your support that helped me to decide that!! and in 4 days i will be on my flight to London and i'm so excited! the sad part is- i have to finish a lot, a lot of school work. so i'm sad because i have to finish one book of math and read a book in english. what do you say about 'the fault in our stars'? i've heard lots of good things about this book and thought to try it out! ok i say to much!! i have to shut up sometimes. what do you think about the outfit, and the book? let me know! ♥ 

wearing: Skirt, Bomba/ Shirt, Big Shop/ Shoes/ Bag, Panda/ Headband.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Small question+Instaweek

i'm thinking right now if i should start do videos for the blog and youtube. what do you say? should i?
and i have little bit of accent and a huge vocabulary in english so i think i should try it out :) what do you say? and if you are all saying yes, give me video's ideas because i have no ideas!! 
and we are buying tickets for everything in the uk, and i'm so excited!! i will try starbucks for sure, i like coffee ♥ love you guys! (i don't have any post for you yet, but soon maybe in 2 days)
/1. Eating a french vanilla ice cream, super duper yummy!/ 2. on my way out to the mall with my dad/ 3. getting ready for riding on horses, this is so fun!/
/4. My breakfast- bread full with omelet, cucumber and tomato/ 5. showing my last outfit on the blog/ 6. getting back home from the mall with a brand new bag!!/
/7. my new backpack for school!! on my fav pillows! <3 how cute are they??