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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Zara TRF

Well, Zara is my favorite store, I can't deny it. The thing is the prices, it's so expensive in Israel, and whenever there's a sale, I come out with something! That part of my day, is really exciting. I really love this lookbook. It's so youthful and have this clean feeling. It's amazing! Oh and the shoes... omg. I think i'm in love. They are so cool and white (I know it's not an adjective), I really love this clean feeling that white gives me. I'm in a rush, talk to you in my next post! bye bye

Thursday, March 20, 2014 Bonjour

Wearing: Jeans/ Shirt, H&M/ Vest, Studio Pasha/ Heels/ Rings, H&M/ Bracelet, Topten/.
I just wanted to write something in French in the title... Hi guys, so this week is going to be really loaded so I will make a backup post, so you'll have something to read :)
Basically, this outfit was made from the last pieces in my wardrobe. Well, not exactly, I got more things from H&M and Zara (they are a godsend), which you will see in a week. Now, let me tell you a tiny story: On Monday, my friends and I went to Tel-Aviv, to the Azriely mall. It was so fun, and these friends live on the north, so my bff and I see them once in 1/2 months. So when we finally met them, it was so fun, and we did some shopping (I got a beautiful paid trousers, and 2 crop tops). We had a tiny vacation on Sunday and Monday, so when we had the chance to see them, we just jumped on this opportunity.
Today, I had my first test to this enormous week! I don't want to tell you what I have in every single day, but each day, I have an exam. That's really annoying. I also have a special test, cause I wanna see if i'm gifted. I had a lot to tell you, so I need to go and study for my exams...
btw- Blogger destroys the pics. Ok Bye. ♥

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Playground

wearing: Jeans, Grip/ Sweater, Thrift/ Boots/ Necklace, Topten/.
Hello my lovelies! I know this is not the best outfit that I've ever shown in the blog, but I really wanted to show you this jeans, so this is the first thing that jumped to my head. But let's admit that: That sweater is so cool! I really love this pattern, I think it's very trendy and pretty and... well I don't have anything more to say. Oops... So today it was 'Purim' in my school and for those of you who don't know what Purim is, let me explain to you. It's like Halloween; we're getting dressed with a costume and going to school, and in school we are celebrating this holiday! This day was kinda fun cause we took tons of selfies, I got dressed as a candy princess and it was raining!! The weather is crazy in Israel, I swear. It's like: One second is hot, and the other is freezing.
So again, i'm in a rush and i'll take some photos and post them in a week! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Little White Dress

Hello guys! I'm so very sorry that i disappeared for a while.. (two weeks and a half). Basically, I had a lot of projects and tests, and I didn't have any time at all to do anything else but study! But it was worth it cause my grades are really high right now, so I hope you forgive me <3 I have to register for a high-school so I really want to improve my grades, and i'm very busy with all that thing because I want to apply for the honor class, so I need to work really hard for this!
So as you can see, the pictures are in a really good quality! You wanna know why?? My new awesome camera!!! Canon eos 600d... It's my love.
I'm in a rush right now, so I have to go! btw- it's for an open night in a high-school.. ugh.