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Monday, December 22, 2014 Glowing

After one month of absence, there's a new post. I still can't say I'm back for posting regularly because as you can see I post once in a month. That's a bit depressing, because every time I think I'm motivated and devoted to the blog, I don't and I find myself take pictures one time in a month. I missed it actually.
On Black Friday my dad wanted to spoil me and bought me this dress in Aliexpress (the cheapest clothes ever!). I am in love with this dress and I think when summer will come, I'll wear it on every day basis (not kidding). I know the galaxy trend is over, but he didn't know it, and who cares? It's a gorgeous dress!
In Israel we are having a small vacation right now, and all I'm doing is listening to Alex Turner, playing in my phone and in my iPad and doing schoolwork. Also in my bucket list, is the book 'Hollow City' that I must read. But the vacation ends on Wednesday, not so fun ha? wish me luck in school :) I also scheduled another post for you because I love you <3
xoxo, Mai ♥
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