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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Pink Charm

Good night guys! in Israel the time is 22:22 (haha so cool) and i'm sleepy because i ate mcdonalds now:) yummy in my tummy! so let's talk about the outfit! i wanted to style those shorts very long time, and i tried with all kinds of shirts, but i couldn't style them!! then, i remembered in this shirt that i had in my second wardrobe (yeah i got 2 XD) and thought about this combo- awesome! then i added a black shirt: it looks much better this way, and my sparkling shoes, because they are pink and match the shorts, and few accesorise. i think it came out pretty good isn't it? and it was windy outside and hot so my hair looks weird in the pictures. well i talk to much.. i will go watching tv. what do you think about the outfit??

wearing: Black shirt, 2 hand/ Tiger shirt, vintage/ Shorts, 2 hand/ Shoes, Gift from USA/ 'Believe' ring, to me/ pink bracelet, topten/ Black studs bracelet, topten.

Monday, July 29, 2013 Street Style

Hi guys! i couldn't help myself, and i did this 'street style' post :) i collected pictures of people from the street that inspire me. right now, i'm addicted for mirrored sunglasses so when i saw this pic i had to put it on here! i will buy mine very soon, i guess from 'zeroUV' because their prices are so cheap (10$ for a pair). 

tommorow a new post coming up on the blog (outfit)!! so keep an eye on the blog :) and my friend will do a tattoo on wednesday, so i have to be there for her.. but OMG she is only 14!! she is stupid. XD
good night, or good morning for everyone! bye ♥

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Angry Cat!

Hello! i made this outfit post really long time ago and thought very carefully if i should put it on the blog. In the end i decided that i need new outfit post so, yes. Now i want to talk about the outfit: when i first saw that dress i was like: this is so my style, weird things, and angry (haha cause i'm angry a lot), i have to buy her! so i can say that i fell in love with this baby<3 she's little bit long on me because i'm not so tall, but i don't care i love it! it is been my favorite thing this month and i was walking around with her all the time (don't judge me!) recently. next time that i will take photos with a dress i know what poses to do and stuff, like spin with it! i have to admit it: first when i opened this blog i didn't had nothing to say so i just say random things and very weird. but now, i feel like i talk to someone, share my thoughts and outfits and i feel much more opening about the writing! you are amazing!! that's why i love you so much♥♥ what do you think about that dress?

wearing: Dress, H&M/  Bracelets, topten.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013 Wishlist


Crop Top | Skirt | Sandals | Bag | Bow | Mascara | Perfume

Hello guys! this is my wishlist for the whole summer! Topshop is the star here so that's good because i will fly to the UK soon so i will buy there tons of thing! (i guess). in every single set, i chose a color that pops- in the first one it's the red color, in the second one it's the mint and in the third one it's the pastel. since i opened the blog i wanted to talk about the pastel color- now i have the chance to do that! i have to say that pastels are my favorite colors for the spring/summer, because they make me calm and they remind me babies- i don't know why!! they just do. so i will wear them a lot (if i will buy them). one more thing: i forgot to add jelly sandals! i forgot about them! i will buy jelly sandals and i will show it to you on instagram when i will get those. i wrote to much and i'm sorry haha:) i did that post because i want to do polyvore sets. i have another outfit post for you but i just felt that i had to do this!! <3 hope you like it! tell me wich one you like the most!
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Monday, July 15, 2013 Starbucks

Hi! the photos of this outfit came out sooooo bad, i can't even describe it, so i put only the *best* pictures of the outfit. Yea, those are the best pictures.. my friend usually takes the pictures but she wasn't in focus today. She saw lots of TV programmes and was excited to tell me what happened! so this is the result of watching TV. so my summer vacation is so boring, i don't know what to do. i go to work, or just sit in front of the tv or computer, search blogs. what are you do in the summer? i must say that i never been at starbucks before but when i will fly to UK (yayy!!) i will definitely going to try it!! 

wearing: Jeans, Grip/ Starbucks shirt, Big Shop/ Shoes, converse/ Ring, topten.
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Saturday, July 13, 2013 Tumblr People!!

Today I opened a tumblr account for Stormia!! It's not finished yet but i want you to follow me!  OK??
so there it is: I hope you will like it <3 
I have something else to say- This week i wasn't at home and i didn't had my camera, so i didn't take outfit photos. So, as soon as i get home i will make an outfit post for you because you are the best!! I will get home tomorrow (sunday), and will shoot an outfit photos for you ! Love you all ♥
by the way- I will fly to the UK on August 15th so if you want to see updates and stuff you should follow me on instagram! i can't believe it!! it will be so much fun! i promise to you: Photo diary and video diary. :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013 inspiration





(original : The Blonde Salad )
*all the photos are from tumblr.
hi guys! i just wanted to catch you up a little bit and show you my fashion inspiration! i know that the last picture isn't related, but i had to show you my food inspiration as well, because i'm going to make this thing!! it looks so good! :D i also wanted to say that i update the blog every week- every 7 days (usually). i wanted to do an outfit post for you, but i didn't had time so i made an inspiration post for you! hope you'll like it♥
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