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Sunday, September 29, 2013 The Eye Of The Tiger

wearing: Tank/ Shorts, thrift/ flats, big-shop/ Backpack, topten/ Sunglasses, my friends' sunnies.

OMG!! Finally! a new outfit post! more coming up soon.. Omg! good to finally take an outfit photos! i missed it so much! i appreciate all your support on this issue, and not being annoyed because of the un-taking-photos-problem, and i'm so sorry for that! but now, i'm back (a.k.a- my photographer lol). so my outfit is like the causal outfit- simple shorts, a lion tank, and cute flats :) so sorry for the location- it was so hard to find a good location.. without trees. 
if you are still interested in London haul video let me know because i wanted to do something like that, but didn't have the chance to do that yet- just let me know, because i have no idea what my first video will be;) well, about school- we started it again today, that's annoying. so i took an extra outfit photos, and i will post it in 4 days i guess. so be here!! i still have to finish some projects for school, only in french... ugh. ok so i will go and watch tv now- yay!! bye <3

Friday, September 27, 2013 Photo shoot news! (+french hw)

Ok, hi guys! so tomorrow i will be taking photos of at least 5 outfits for the blog! are you excited as i am?? just wanted to say that and another things- first, i didn't take any photos because of that my camera usb is lost. yep. it still is. omg. what am i going to do?? so on Sunday i will buy myself a new one and then, there will be photos of 5 outfits!! omg, i just got remembered in that haha :) so sorry about that, but those are the holidays, when family come together and stuff.. i also didn't take any outfit pictures because of school. it's ruining my life. definitely. I have to write a presentation in French. who knows? i really need help!! if you do know, and you want to help a poor girl, then mail me: . please!
so, me and started to collaborate, please just make a small click on their site, it's free and take only few minutes! haha :) also, i'm part of street team! whoop!! so go and buy from their site with 20% discount (!!!) by using this code: Stormia (how cool is that? haha), just buy from them! they have the coolest things in the whole world <3
so i'm so sorry for those annoying updates i wanna see my outfit pics already.. new post on Sunday/Monday! just be here! kisses♥

Saturday, September 21, 2013 Little Things

Shirt- monki/ Camo Leggings- cynthia rowley/ Boots- H&M/ Bomber Jacket- net-a-porter/ Bag- kurt geiger/ Bracelet- farfetch/ Lipstick- giorgio armani beauty/ Mascara- the hut
Hey guys! just wanted to show you a small outfit that i created.:) and why is that you asking??
i wanted to show you how i think you should style camo leggings. and again, why? because i contacted with another company called- Sammydress, and ordered camo leggings! i think it's truly amazing leggings, and i just wanted to show to you how i will style them (well, not exactly, but similar) in a month <3 and i also made this post because i still don't have an outfit post :( so sad!! but my friend finally talked to me (yay) and told me when she is coming back- on Tuesday! ok now i am calm down. so that mean that i will post maybe on Wednesday, or Thursday because she will need to get over her jet-leg haha.  ok so i have to go now and do my homework because it's the holidays and school being mean to us... bye, hope you had a wonderful weekend! ♥
if you wanna buy/check out those awesome leggings press on me!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 North!

Hey guys! So I have some small and very exciting thing to tell you!! 
1. I'm on the north now!! This is our last day in here and our hotel room is so gorgeous!
2. My uncle and his girlfriend came to Israel from the us, and his girlfriend is so very nice! She gave me baby lips, some clothes (awesome clothes but not my style so much) and she talks only English so my English is getting much better! 
3. Few days ago, i contact rings & tings and asked from them for a collaboration. They answer me with the answer yes, and when I've read that I was super excited and jumped all over the place!! So for you, my lovely lovely readers, they offered 10% discount in the checkout! Just use the code: stylecard10 at the checkout and that's what you will get! If you wanna go to their site, there is their banner in my sidebar, so go check them out!!
4. I also asked from teen vogue to be part of their fashion click, and they answered to me with yes! So again I jumped all over the place haha;) so now, I'm part of the big big group of fashion bloggers over there, and I'm so excited! 
5. Ok an outfit post? Maybe in a week. My brother doesn't want to take my pics, my mom doesn't have time, my friend is lying to me all the time (i can't trust her!!), and my bff, my photographer, is still in the us. She should be back in one week but she doesn't answer my SMS.. So I'm so so sorry! 
6. I changed my layout! Omg I'm so in love with it right now! But I still have to change some really small things that really bother me... Ok so now I have to leave, so I will talk to you later!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 NYFW- Inspiration post

my fav looks here are by Nicole Warne. you probably know her from her blog- Gary Pepper, if you don't you really should. she has an amazing style- this is the one from the photos with the pink dress and the long floral dress. i really love her style! so, when i was 12 i discovered the fashion weeks. since i was 12 my dream has been to go to nyfw. it still does. i really want to be inspired by real people (i mean, not when you see them in the computer), and inspire them. this is my biggest dream. i hope i can achieve this goal one day.
i'm so so sorry that i can't shoot an outfit post. this is a really long story (my friend is always 'sick' so she can't take photos). i really miss my bff.. she is in Orlando now, and she bought me the cutest thing ever!- a pineapple skirt!! if you follow me on twitter (@stormiabymai) you probably saw it, if you don't just go into my profile and see that amazing skirt! (i will do an outfit post with it for sure!) ♥ so that's what i have to say now :) i will talk to you in a few days again <3
for the whole photos- click on me!

Friday, September 6, 2013 Playlist

hello beauties ♥ i haven't posted for 8 days. i can explain why- it's the holidays season! well, i'm with my family most of the time, my uncle and his g-friend came to Israel to visit, my photographer (my b.f.f) flew to New-York, so i don't have a photographer for 3 weeks (don't worry my other friend will take the pics) so an outfit post will come as soon as posible!
so, i thought to make a small post with a playlist of songs that i've been loving lately :) there they are!
5. Katy Perry- Roar
6. Ellie Goulding- Burn
like my facebook page! - (old outfit post. i needed a photo)