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Saturday, June 29, 2013 Bright Sequins

*my friend told me to upload this as an animation.. 
If you saw the sneak peek yesterday, you probably saw the sequins. it's actually leggings and they are so comfortable!! In the back of them they have leather and inside they have leather too! i'm not so sure if it's real or fake (because i got them as a gift) but be sure that it feels nice :) They designed with sequins in a very special way: one leg is with triangles and other is with giraffe's print (let's call it that way haha). I love them!!
i combined them with simple shoes that you can get everywhere and a mesh shirt. And for my fav part in this combination: my floral headband. i'm not this type of a person who buy things in big prices, so i like to make DIY! It came out pretty good and it's looks great with this outfit!
well, i hope you enjoyed and follow me on GFC (which i finally have, thanks to a girl who doesn't know that she helped me) and on bloglovin. love you you are the best!!

wearing: mesh top, similar here/ Leggings, got as a gift from the USA/ floral headband, DIY/ Shoes.

as you know, google followers will shut down tomorrow (july 1). all of you who still want to follow me please follow me on bloglovin :)
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Friday, June 28, 2013 Sneak peek: Bright Sequins

Hi my lovely readers ♥ I just wanted to show you a sneak peek for the outfit post tomorrow.
My camera is back! Finally i can take photos in my camera after a long time that i haven't. And if you are wondering i have iphone 3.. but i took the pictures in my mom's iphone 4, with the HDR. also, i wanted to tell you that our trip to the UK doesn't go anywhere.. we can't find amusement parks and we really want some. If you know some good places to be, so please, let me know!!
xoxo, Mai <3

Saturday, June 22, 2013 Galaxy wars

This galaxy skirt is so pretty, and i wanted to show you my outfit. It's pretty simple if you think about it, but i'm a simple person. Right now my family and I thinking about a vacation to united kingdom. This is going to be an awesome vacation because we will go to amusement parks and one day will be dedicated to shopping! my favorite thing on earth. I'm going to buy creepers because i'm in love with those, and we will go over to topshop (my favorite shop) and it will be awesome ♥ One last thing: i wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments! this is actually the best part in blogging: to get Support from people you don't know! haha i'm not very funny..  yesterday was the first day of the summer and now i will have lots of time to taking photos.! (oh on the vacation i'm going to do video diary and photos diary) LOVE YOU ♥

wearing: galaxy skirt, romwe/ Shoes (riding shoes)/ necklace, ebay/ earrings, ebay/ rings, H&M/ bag, topshop

Monday, June 17, 2013 Pinafore Dresses

Image 1 of ASOS Pinafore Dress
Image 1 of River Island Mini Pinafore Dress
Image 3 of Joyrich Blossom Pinafore Dress
*those dresses are from Asos.
Hi guys! i just wanted to share with you my inspiration for the spring/summer. I think that pinafore dresses are so trendy right now! I can't resist for this awesome trend! i will buy one of this dresses very soon.
I'm definitely going to combine with this pinafore dress a crop top. it looks great together (look above).
The last dress is very colorful and happy, and that's why i like it so much. Also, it's the 90's trend too!
From all asos pinafore collection those are the best (for me), i like them the most.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Céline Muscles

When my celine tee arrived i knew right away that she will fits for my muscles leggings. I am little bit excited now because this is my first serious post in my blog :). I mean my tee and leggings are from the internet and i'm trying to buy more stuff from the internet right now.
If you must to know, this isn't my camera: I didn't have any batteries for my camera, so we were taking the photos in the iphone. The photos came out pretty good isn't it? 

Wearing: Céline Tee, ebay/ Muscles leggings, Sandals, Scoop/ Bracelets, Topten.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 My wishlist for June

Hello guys ♥ So this is my current wishlist for June and i promise that this time i will buy the pieces from here.
This dress is from H&M and i like the cut in the sides of this dress. I am going to buy this dress very soon!
I am not so sure if i want these or other sunglasses with blue lens but they are beautiful! Love these. They are from zerouv.

and this is the final piece for my wishlist. a cat ears headband. This headband is very cute and i'm exciting to buy them!! boohoo