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Saturday, May 2, 2015 Small Break+May inspiration

Hello! May has started, and I didn't post anything since Aprail 16th!
That's why I decided to take a tiny break from blogging for now, and I wanted to do this officially.
From now on until June 1st, I'm taking a break. 
Or maybe until the 29th of May- cause it's my birthday! Maybe I'll make a post about it or something. But no posts for now.
Explanation- tests! are! killing! me! I have this May about 6 huge tests so I have to work really hard this month, so please don't hate me... I luv u♥ 
But I thought I can leave you with an inspiration post, cause It's a new month and stuff. Ok now I have to study because there's an English test tomorrow! Bye for now <3
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How could the silence be so loud...
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xoxo, Mai ♥
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