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Thursday, May 29, 2014 Birthday girl!!

wearing: OASAP sweater / American Eagle Shorts / H&M Rings. 
Well hello there. I know that I haven't posted for 3 weeks, but I'm back! I had so many tests and homework, so I couldn't post anything!
Basically, today (05/29/2014) is my birthday! I'm actually not that thrilled because birthdays for me are awful because I don't have many friends and there's a popular girl that celebrating in the same day as I am, so it always made me sad... and today I went to the hospital to get out the little tube that was in my eye for 5 weeks and also to check that everything is fine (that god, it is). I'm not doing anything special, cause as I said I only have 3 friends, so yeah... I feel like my life so suck right now, but I am starting to do meditation so I hope that everything would be better :) Also, I had my final exam in Math today, it was hard but I came with no worries for the test, so I hope that everything will be fine :)
I got this sweater 2 months ago from OASAP and I wanna give it to you :) So there will be a post featuring this giveaway !
Now I'm gonna go and celebrate my birthday by sleeping! yayyy ! I'M TURNING 15 TODAY!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014 Germany!!

Hello my friends :) Just letting you know that I'm in Germany right now!! I know. Sorry that I didn't let you know sooner... Basically, I took 2 outfit pictures and because of the pressure of packing and school, I didn't have the time to update. So sorry about that, but I kinda made my outfits pretty, so I would take outfit pictures every day!! whoopppp :) Now we are in Berlin, and tommorow we will drive to a far place in Germany... I'm so excited!! Hope it's gonna be fun! I will take some pics (of course!!!) and i'll make in the end a video diary (I hope). I hope to be on Instagram in my vacation, and to ket you know how I'm doin' !
After this vacation I wouldn't be in here either, because that I will have to catch up with everything in scool. But I promise: There will be outfits, there will be pictures and there will be a video diary!! 
Ok need to go now, Byeeee!! I'm so excited <#