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Monday, June 27, 2016 Caesarea Nights

My family and I spent our last Saturday hanging out in Caesarea and everything we saw there was amazing. I always like to go there and take some photos, because of the beautiful views. You can see that yourself- because I bought a new lens! It's the most basic one, but I didn't own it until last week (18-55mm). Also, I'm out of school!! Year 11 was a smack in the face, but I'm glad I'm done, and now I can start work and be social again. This is fun and exciting! whoop!
The romper I was wearing is from H&M, and the sandals are from Asos. I'm in love with them ♥
Hope you liked this post, it was a nicer way to show you what I'm up to during the day!

xoxo, Mai ♥
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  1. What a beautiful romper!

  2. You are beautiful!!

    xx LL

  3. Lovely photos!
    And you're so pretty in your romper



    ps: thanks for your comment!

  4. Perfect place, it's seem to be a paradise!

    Kisses, DadieB. ~

  5. I love your blog and this outfit is amazing!! :)

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  7. Hello Mai Stor, Beautiful captures.. your smile and flowers on rock.
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