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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Quick Updates

Hola!! I thought I should post here something even if these are some quick updates:
1. I got some new boots from Oasap, so there will be a post very soon.
2. Do you remember the post that I said I scheduled? It didn't work out well so it wasn't published. But I will publish it in the nexy few days, maybe even tomorrow.
3. Lately, some companies have reached out for me for collaborations, so there will be some exciting things in here!
And now some personal stuff that I don't mind sharing:
4. I have a boyfriend. JK. No way.
5. I want to work harder on Stormia, It's very important for me, but lately I couldn't find the time to take pictures and work on the blog. Now school is better, and I'm not so stressed. Though I have a test tomorrow and I didn't learn one thing but I hate this subject and don't care at all.
6.  I have started a workout routine: every morning I try to do pushups, jumping jacks, crunches, squats etc. and I find this very helpful and fun. Every morning it's filling me with good energy to start the day! You should try it too.

This is my life now, not something special... But I love them and I cherish everyday, except for the fact that I don't have a boyfriend but I have to ignore it because I can't do much.
Have a nice weekend
xoxo, Mai ♥
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  1. Your morning workout routine sounds awesome - just the thing to get motivated in the morning! x


  2. Can't wait for your new post! ;)

  3. Absolutely love posts like this lovely, nice to see some personality injected into a blog, and lets us feel like we know you a bit more. Now to follow your lead and attempt to work out. Even once a year would be a big improvement ;)