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Saturday, February 15, 2014 Collared Bart

wearing: Sweater/ oasap*, Shirt/ Mom's closet, Jeans/ Gift, Bag/ sammydress*, Rings/ H&M.
Guys!!! OMG! I got some amazing news to tell you! - I'm getting my own camera! You don't know how excited I am right now, and i'll get it today! the pics will look amazing and gorgeous, and the price is great. You are probably wondering what camera I'm gonna buy: Canon eos 600D+lens 50mm f/1.8. It's my dream camera and lens. I love you mom ♥♥
So I got this sweater from oasap and it's my favorite piece right now. I think Bart and Homer are my favorite people from 'The Simpsons'. They are so funny. And the price was great too. I've wanted to show you these pants for ages- and here they are. They are black with sequins detail (kinda) on the sides, and I think they're gorgeous.
I forgot to tell you about the videos! Maybe, when I'll have a new camera i'll start to make videos! I didn't know how to do them cause I don't have a swivel screen, but when I'll have one, I'll try to do videos!
Well, that's it for this post, love you guys, thank you for your support with everything :) I'm emotional today♥ 


  1. That top is soo cute.

  2. Such a cute pullover
    Have a nice day

  3. this look is too cute! you are adorable!


  4. Ohh, such a great post again! :) Have an amazing day!! ;D


  5. Cool look, love the sweater!
    I have bart shorts. I think clothes with bart on them are so much fun!

    Much Love, M

  6. hey sweety you look so pretty! Love this funny sweater, Bart is the best! :)

    - Maë, xoxo. ❤

  7. We have a mutual fashion style.Thanks for sharing this because you gave me an idea for my outfit today. You're gorgeous! :)

  8. Amazing blogg<3 I would be so happy if you could follow me back on GFC ღ Keep blogging! xxpeach