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Saturday, January 18, 2014 Sheinside wishlist!

Hello guys!! I hope you're having a great weekend :) As i told you, I made a wishlist post from Sheinside! their stuff are so cool, aren't they? I really want you to press the links, cause who knows? maybe you can find something you like from their website, or maybe what i showed to you in here :) oh and i also got 2 things from H&M, so i'm planning to take some outfit pics today with them so i'll show you on Wednesday or something.. Wow i speak a lot.  
OMG!! these sweatshirts are awesome, awesome, awesome. I know you want the cat, or the popcorn. Or, Homer Simpson. He is so funny lol ;) Just look at him! lying on a pile of food, suffering from stomach ache.. so adorable!

What can I call it? P-E-R-F-E-C-T!! look at the cd tee or at the cutout shirt, or at the barbie with a lollipop in her mouth. I must say the last describing was pretty disturbing... But just press on the link to see how much it cost! I know you want something...
And these coats!! they are so gorgeous and perfect and omg!! I can't say anything about them anymore cause they are awesome and i guess that you understand it by yourselves..
I just noticed how much i likes these warped skirts and the cutouts.. I'm in love!! oh and i love the plaid also. I just love everything about these skirts. I bet you too love them!
That's it for the wishlist! I think it was the largest wishlist that I've ever done. I just wanted to show you the cool things they own. And please please just click the links! it is so important for me ♥


  1. i'v e always wanted to buy sweatshirts like that in your list! :))) hope you'll acquire them all soon! hihi :3


  2. nice list :)

  3. looove sheinside! that pink coat is perfect!


  4. Love the tank tops
    and the skirt are very cute too!

    xo' M

  5. I read your comment on my blog and I would like to follow each other ;)
    I follow you now, kisses ;)

  6. love the cat sweater!!!
    You look so sweet and stylish! Maybe you would like to follow each other?:) Just let me know :)

  7. nice wishlist!