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Tuesday, October 22, 2013 New In

Hey! i'm so sorry that my last outfit post was in October, i'm so sorry that i'm not in my blog. It's the school- i hate it so much!! I had one test, few projects and another 3 tests coming up (one tomorrow), and i'm planning to take some outfit photos tomorrow! i really need a vacation right now. All i do is studying, studying and studying- i'm not joking. I sat today in my brand new bed (I see a room-tour coming up soon!) and learned for my math test tomorrow. it's hard- I promise to let you know how it went haha :)
so..... these things helped me today a lot- i got my order from oasap!! my mom let me know in the morning when I was in school and I just jumped from happy and the kids were starring at me in weird faces (then i had to explain to them about my blog, and all my collaborations haha). So, i'm sorry about the bad quality of the picture it's just that i'm so tired and i took this pic on Instagram.. hope you forgive me <3
So thank you Oasap, you are great and i just  love your brand (and if you are reading this, my readers, then you should love them too) ♥
good night ya'll!! <3
oh, and i opened a stylight account follow me there-


  1. Awwww love it!

  2. how cute!!


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  3. That is a cute skort there. The blush color is lovely for it, and I like how it is styled.

  4. Those skort are too cute.. :)

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  6. I am really lovin' the photos, great post! :)

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  7. lovely skort! can't wait to see you wearing it :)


  8. I love that skort! So nice!!!


  9. Thank you for visiting my blog! ;)
    You have fantastic blog!!! :)
    Really nice short ♥