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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Good News+Bad News :)

Hey guys:) so i had to post something today so i just posted this massage:
I'm in 9th grade. I have lots of tests, and right now i should practice for my test tomorrow.. I try my best with the blog, and now i'm saying: from now on, I will post once a week. I will try to post outfit pictures, but the thing is that i really need to try hard until the 3rd in February.. cause then we will get our diplomas and with them, will go to sign up for high school. so I still didn't figure it out what i will do with the blog, but i will try to post once a week. and please forgive me, if i wouldn't post.. (btw- tomorrow will be my last test this week so i would be able to post some pictures!!)
AND FOR SOME GOOD NEWS- i'm planning to go to a photography course! and if i will know how to use a professional camera, and lens, i will get one for myself, and the pictures will be in high quality! are you excited as I am??? *scream*
oh, and on Saturday, i went to my very first Halloween!! it was so much fun and i collected a lots of candies haha so here's a picture from my instagram-
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bye guys, have a lovely week ♥


  1. good luck with everything!


  2. I have my costume ready :D and good luck in your course!
    Today new post, sweater or a dress? don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  3. Thanks for your visit , like eachother Facebook page ? :)

  4. Good luck! I am done trick-or-treating...because im 18!But I miss it. Hope you had fun!

  5. Photography course, sounds cool..
    Keep in touch,

  6. Nice photos!

  7. Great photos ;)
    I'm following you on GFC and I hope you follow me back ;)

    Hugs from Poland :*

  8. a photo course is so useful if you have a blog :) have lots of fun with it and enjoy your halloween :)
    following you now on gfc,maybe you want to do the same? :)

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  10. Wish you good party)

  11. Good luck your test dear :-) I have done my halloween many years ago,,xixixi

    Im your new followers (^_~)*

  12. love everything!

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  13. Lucky dear!

  14. Glad you had fun at your first haloween trick or treating!