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Friday, September 27, 2013 Photo shoot news! (+french hw)

Ok, hi guys! so tomorrow i will be taking photos of at least 5 outfits for the blog! are you excited as i am?? just wanted to say that and another things- first, i didn't take any photos because of that my camera usb is lost. yep. it still is. omg. what am i going to do?? so on Sunday i will buy myself a new one and then, there will be photos of 5 outfits!! omg, i just got remembered in that haha :) so sorry about that, but those are the holidays, when family come together and stuff.. i also didn't take any outfit pictures because of school. it's ruining my life. definitely. I have to write a presentation in French. who knows? i really need help!! if you do know, and you want to help a poor girl, then mail me: . please!
so, me and started to collaborate, please just make a small click on their site, it's free and take only few minutes! haha :) also, i'm part of street team! whoop!! so go and buy from their site with 20% discount (!!!) by using this code: Stormia (how cool is that? haha), just buy from them! they have the coolest things in the whole world <3
so i'm so sorry for those annoying updates i wanna see my outfit pics already.. new post on Sunday/Monday! just be here! kisses♥


  1. Lost usb, OMG..!!!! Looking forward to your 5 outfit pics..
    And dont firget to buy a new usb cable
    Keep in touch,

  2. yay! can't wait


  3. YAY!
    check out my latest blog post here:

  4. You have a pretty blog, i like it!!! Visit my blog and if you want follow me and i will follow back. Kisses :)

  5. Can't wait to see the photos :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  6. Such a beautiful blog!!

  7. Wow you have such an amazing blog!
    Love it!
    Can we follow each other? :**
    xoxo kisses

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