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Mai Stor
Welcome! The name is Mai Stor - a 20 y/o gal who lives in Israel, the holy land, and enjoys nothings more than taking cute pics, traveling the country and the world and eating (a lot). Hope you'll find what you're looking for and stick around for a while!

♥ welcome to my blog! ♥

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Hey guys! So I have some small and very exciting thing to tell you!! 
1. I'm on the north now!! This is our last day in here and our hotel room is so gorgeous!
2. My uncle and his girlfriend came to Israel from the us, and his girlfriend is so very nice! She gave me baby lips, some clothes (awesome clothes but not my style so much) and she talks only English so my English is getting much better! 
3. Few days ago, i contact rings & tings and asked from them for a collaboration. They answer me with the answer yes, and when I've read that I was super excited and jumped all over the place!! So for you, my lovely lovely readers, they offered 10% discount in the checkout! Just use the code: stylecard10 at the checkout and that's what you will get! If you wanna go to their site, there is their banner in my sidebar, so go check them out!!
4. I also asked from teen vogue to be part of their fashion click, and they answered to me with yes! So again I jumped all over the place haha;) so now, I'm part of the big big group of fashion bloggers over there, and I'm so excited! 
5. Ok an outfit post? Maybe in a week. My brother doesn't want to take my pics, my mom doesn't have time, my friend is lying to me all the time (i can't trust her!!), and my bff, my photographer, is still in the us. She should be back in one week but she doesn't answer my SMS.. So I'm so so sorry! 
6. I changed my layout! Omg I'm so in love with it right now! But I still have to change some really small things that really bother me... Ok so now I have to leave, so I will talk to you later!!!


  1. These are such good news! :) By the way, I am inviting you to join my Ahaishopping giveaway. You better head on to my blog now because there are only few days left to send in your entry. You’ll have a chance to win 2 pieces of clothing. You might want to try your luck.

    Enter IamJenniya X Ahaishopping Giveaway HERE.
    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  2. So happy for those achievements! I know you can go along way with your fashion sense :) Loving the new theme!

  3. nice post!

    please follow me if you like!

  4. seems like things are great! good for you, lady!


  5. hi there. thank you for dropping by my blog. yes i'm a follower/reader of yours now :)i can't believe your 14 and talented. Love to read more of your thoughts. x

  6. it all sounds awesome, congrats!


  7. Sounds like you've having a wonderful week :)

  8. thank you for stopping on my blog! I´m following, hope you´ll do the same!

    xx Vanes

  9. Congrats!!!

    What about following each other with Bloglovin'?

  10. Congratulations on the collaboration and on Teen Vogue's fashion click! That's awesome!


    Erin @

  11. Congrats! I also applied to teen vogue like 2 months ago and I am seriously dying to know the answer!!
    Haopy to know I helped you with the layout! x

  12. Congrats about being part of a collaboration and teen vogue, That is great!.
    XX, Elle

  13. Hello dear,
    would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin? Btw, love your blog's design, so chic!

    Best wishes,

  14. Thank you for the comment :)


  15. Wow, you are so young yet you have such great motivation and passion for blogging! I love it, you have an amazing blog :) Also, your outfit and inspiration posts are absolutely spot on- you're fantastic!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know on my blog :)

    Have a great day and stay in touch!

    xx Debbie

  16. Whoops, I forgot that you already asked me to follow you haha! I just followed you on GFC and now am waiting for your follow back!

    xx Debbie

  17. I follow you with bloglovin and facebook, now it is your turn:)

  18. Wow, a lot of good news! I'm so pround of you! Great work! ;D And I wish you all the best and of course a photographer, because I'm waiting for your looks ;)

    Kisses and hugs,
    Marentora :)

    Enjoy my new post: :)

  19. thanx for this love!
    Shall we follow by bloglovin and facebook?

  20. Wow! You're so young and you really having fun with those stuff I can feel it. Well, keep on going gorgeous!
    Smize with Style

  21. Hi Mai!! congrats for all the amazing news! ^^

  22. Congrats! We like your pretty blog.^^
    Lovely greets Ara & Ale
    Feel free to comment and we hope you enjoy!

  23. oo congratulations dear!!
    UK High Street Fashion
    Get the latest info on SALES, exclusive discount codes and more!

  24. super congrats on being part of team teen vogue :) you are so lovely btw

  25. You write really well though, I think your English is probably better than you think! And congratulations!

  26. Congratulations on the collaboration and being part of Teen Vogue! Your new layout is lovely too. x

    Nerve Wires

  27. Nice blog pretty! :)

  28. Great selection!! I want the bomber jacket!! I love it!!

    I following you now with Bloglovin', would you follow me?

  29. Congrats!!

    I saw your pics and i love them! I loke so much how do you write in your blog!
    We can follow each other i´m beginning in this amazing world!



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