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Friday, June 28, 2013 Sneak peek: Bright Sequins

Hi my lovely readers ♥ I just wanted to show you a sneak peek for the outfit post tomorrow.
My camera is back! Finally i can take photos in my camera after a long time that i haven't. And if you are wondering i have iphone 3.. but i took the pictures in my mom's iphone 4, with the HDR. also, i wanted to tell you that our trip to the UK doesn't go anywhere.. we can't find amusement parks and we really want some. If you know some good places to be, so please, let me know!!
xoxo, Mai <3


  1. Wonderful post; I loved it!
    Follow me and I'll follow back! Let me know when you’re done over on my blog:)x

  2. soo cute pics!<3
    Emma xx

  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog Mai, of course we can follow each other, I just added your blog to my Bloglovin feed . Hope you support me back !

    XX Luba 

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  5. Hello Darling! I'm so glad that I found your blog. Your Posts are amazing and you are such an interesting Person, awesome! It would be such a great Thing, if we would follow each other and we could Keep in touch though. What do you think about it? Just let me know! <3

  6. beautifull smile you have!!and i love your hair so much:) wish you all the best:)

  7. Love your blogposts sooo much! Followed you too! :) Hope you can check out my blog and follow me back! :)

  8. Hello :) Thank you so much for your pretty comment :) I'm following you too ;) kisses

  9. lovely photos ^^ you are just so incredibly cute <3

  10. Love your sequined leggings! And thanks for following my blog and joining my giveaway! :)

    xx, Sofia

  11. thanks for your comment :-)

    i am following you now via bloglovin and gfc :-)

    hope to hear you soon again :-)

    xx Nicole