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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 My b-day coming up soon!!

Hi guys i'm so happy to make post finally!
Actually it's not an outfit post I just want to catch you up a bit :).
my b-day is coming up soon and I can't wait for it because my mom and I will go for shopping!!XD
My mom hates shopping or anything else connecting with clothes.. 
a month ago me and my friend met and decided that we are going to do a floral headband!
So we did it and it came out just the way I wanted !! There's the pic:
My camera from ebay has been arrived and I am so happy :D I can't take photos yet because I have to buy a memory card. I have an iphone finally!! So I have an instagram- follow me please!!
I forgot to tell you guys, I bought celine t-shirt! I have been searching for this shirt for a long time and I found the one!xD i'm so happy right now ♥ look at her. so beautiful.
XOXO, love you Mai <3

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