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Monday, February 25, 2013 Retro/Vintage/Geometric

I love this look. It gives me confidence. This shirt, This skirt, This bag.
When my mon gave me that Maxi Skirt I thought that I should wear it. It was exciting!
So I went to my closet and saw that retro shirt. Than I realized that I realy can put them together.
Than I just took some accessorize and my beautiful bag and this heels, and wore it. I thought that it was beautiful.
I don't wear this necklace so much. I like them bigger but for this look it just seems to mw right.

(I wore; retro shirt- somewhere in America, Maxi skirt- my mom's, Bag- local store, Shoes- somewhere in America, Necklace- H&M (old), Rings- lots of places)
This is my best friend. She wanted to join to the photoshoot.
She wore a geometric dress. Geometrical forms come in each mini-forms: squares, triangles, lines, trapezes, rhombuses and more. This is a great look for parties or a restaurant.
This is my other best friend. She wore a vintage shirt and a lot of accessorize.
This shirt is beautiful vintage shirt, and with black Leggings and high-heels. I loved her look.
I wish I had a shirt like this.

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