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Friday, December 20, 2013 The Corpses' Wedding

I wanna cry from happiness! Finally a new post is up, and I am so sorry that I haven't posted for a while, but i'm back with an outfit post! (I couldn't take more pictures except for these, cause we are in a bar-mitzvah), and look at the photos! let me tell you a little secret- it's all about the edit! I was blessed with great editing skills, so i did the background blurred! I finally found a way to do that, so i'm more that glad :O but i'm trying to buy a new camera, so soon I won't have to use this tool in Photoshop!
The weather getting colder, and i couldn't take pictures cause there was a storm in here.. next week we are going to a snowy-mountain, so i'll take pictures there, outfit, or just my family, but you'll see pictures :)
about the beanie- my class went to a market (and lots of other places... boring!) in Wednesday and I was looking for a beanie. So i found this one- $3! it is nothing and I just had to have this one! and let's just look at these leggings: perfect, perfect, perfect! Oasap hasn't let me down, and this store is super amazing and awesome and beautiful!! why don't you get there to see what they have to offer? 
btw- sorry about my bad English today, I don't know what happened, i'm just so tired and I have so many things to do.. so I must say goodbye now, and talk to you in few days! Luv ya <3
wearing: oasap\ leggings*, T-shirt\ ebay, Beanie\ Market, Sweater\ Tamnoon, Coat\ silence+noise, Boots.

Monday, December 9, 2013 Persunmall $50 giveaway!!

 Special Leather Shorts
Hello guys! as I promised you few days ago (i know, school, kill me), here is a persunmall giveaway! hope it will make up for my disappearing!
So in this giveaway you have the chance to win a $50 dollar voucher to buy a xmas gift on their website! (or i guess anything else.. lol). So if you wanna win you have to do the next steps-
1) Register at Persunmall (just click:)
2) Like Persunmall facebook page
3) Follow Stormia on GFC, bloglovin, facebook, lookbook and pinterest (if you don't have one of these, that's fine, but you will have a better chance of winning).
4) write a short post about persunmall and leave the post link in the comment below together with your registered email and name. It is important that you are logged in to your Persunmall account when you copy any link from their website so their system can track you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Wish you all good luck, this giveaway will end on December 20, and winners will be announced on December 21 on Persunmall Facebook page so stay tuned!
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Saturday, December 7, 2013 School is annoying. Who's with me?

Guys i'm sorry.. I just couldn't find the time to update. Today I planned to take photos of 3 outfits, but my mom felt really bad and it was raining. I just hate this weather. And the stupid school.. I talked to my friend about it and we were thinking 'who invented the stupid school?!'... I just wanna be a full-time fashion blogger, not something that I have to study biology for it. I just wanna focus on fashion right now and that's it. I had to do 2 projects in nationality for my tiny vacation (a week), To finish a book, to do a French presentation and lots of homework. But I will try to take some photos tomorrow. I have to stop promising things, cause it's never true (but i try my best).
So let's move to the exciting part- the TRIPS!! I'm planning to fly to America in the summer vacation.
My father is planning a trip to Germany for my brother's bar-mitzvah, And for the final and most exciting thing- my Mom and I are planning to fly to the Arctic Monkeys' concert!! OMG OMG OMG! they are such an amazing band and if you do not know them? just go now to YouTube and listen. They are perfect. I wanna take my friend too, she was the one who introduced them to me. So I have to think about the country we will fly, maybe to Holland, but I still don't know :O i'm so excited for all of these perfect trips ♥
Hope you had great experience and time to read all of this. Oh and there will be a persunmall giveaway tomorrow or in 2 days, I still try to figure out something about that, but that thing I can promise! You will be able to win $50 voucher to buy on their site, exciting isn't it?
ok, Bye Folks!

Saturday, November 30, 2013 Inspiration

I wanna cry... I didn't post as I promised. That's makes me so sad. I don't know what to do!! I just don't have the time to take any outfit photos and I don't know what to do because of school... Good thing is that we have a vacation now!!! whooooo i'm so happy! Today I won't take any photos I think, but tomorrow I will try to take because I'll see my friend and we'll play Badminton! haha my friend is getting this fun game:)
So because I don't have any outfit for you, and I thought it would be better to post something that nothing, here's an inspiration post for you! hope you'll enjoy!! And one more thing: My dad is planning our trip to Germany! yay, I have no idea when we will fly, but pretty sure we will very soon! (this trip is for my brother's Bar-Mitzvah, fun!!)

Saturday, November 23, 2013 Persunmall wishlist

OMG!! I just found out that i didn't post for a week!! so sorry, I had a really hard test that i had to study for, so that's the result... ugh. Tests. So i'm planning this Saturday to take some outfit photos, and i'll upload the photos on Sunday or Monday :) so for now, I made a small wishlist from persunmall:) they have amazing things and seriously i love them so much!
 Persunmall- click!
Please click on the products' link or on the wishlist, then i can work with Persunmall, and i would really appreciate that! And if you'll help me out i promise to do a giveaway when i'll get 500 followers (btw- thank you so much for 406 followers, i love you so much!) I hope you'll have a lovely weekend (mine is annoying, I have so many tests..) Bye!

Friday, November 15, 2013 Floral Beauty+persunmall discount codes!

Wearing: /Sweater, Primark/ Shorts, Big Shop/ Shoes, gift/ ring, oasap/
Hey folks! i'm writing this post half sleep, I've been so tired lately! (yay, used the present perfect, I have a test about it..) So, i'm very sorry that i didn't post yesterday, i helped my brother with his tests. My school is more relaxed now, so i'm happy. I have maybe one test in a week- so i'm really grateful for that.
let's move to the outfit- This sweater i got in primark when I was in London (awe, London) and when i saw it i fell in love with it. My mom and I didn't really notice the price- 10 pounds, and it was the most expensive thing in our cart (not kidding, just go to primark). Our cart was full with 18 things, most of them were bras and undies, but they were amazing so who cares? I think I fell in love with Primark more than London haha;) And the background is amazing too ♥ i just love flowers (and the bottle on the side..).
So on Tuesday I started my photography course and found out that it is once in two weeks. I learned a lot, and really think i will buy a new camera soon (Canon EOS REBEL t3i- with lens 18-250mm- my dream)!! so you can wait for that and see few more outfit photos in this quality :) hope you'll enjoy! bye guys, went to study!
oh, and i also ordered few books from book depository- one arrived today (in a week!!), so i really recommend to buy there (not advertised) if you love books that come quick ;) and another massage from persunmall!- they're having a really cool discount codes so you can go and check them out! ♥
PersunMall Promo Codes For Thanksgiving Day

Sunday, November 10, 2013 Daisy

wearing: Sweater, thrift/ Skort, oasap/ Socks, Primark/ Jellies, Mom's/ Ring, sammydress/

Hello! an outfit post is here!! so the pictuers were taken in a lovely place in the Carmel mountain, with my mom's camera (not the best quality but i could change to menul mode..). So right now, i'm in my grandparents house, and i took another outfit pictures in the Carmel :) 
This skirt is such an amazing thing. I'm not kidding. Actually.. it's a skort! i was so excited when i got it from oasap, and couldn't stop wearing it. I swear. And those jellies? haha it made me laugh when i first saw them on other people, but i had to try them on, so I did. and guess what? i liked it! it felt really nice:)
So my school is going to a two-days trip, and i'm not going cause i don't like to sleep outside.. so i'm going to work and then going to my very first private lesson (i'm the teacher)! i'm trying to save money for my trip to America in the summer, so be prepared for lots of outfit pics, hauls, pictures and few videos cause i will go for a month with my BFF, Liam! Ok i said to much already! bye, have a lovely Sunday <3

Saturday, November 9, 2013 Oasap Wishlist

Hey guys! sorry for the late update.. actually i don't even know why I didn't write here this week.. (today i'm planning to take lots of outfit pics and post an outfit after 4 days).
So as you may know, I LOVE OASAP!!  they got an amazing products and they are so perfect and amazing! i really recommend to click on the link and go see what they have! so, because of my love to them, i decided to do a wishlist from their site, to show you what they have there! my favorite things are the cool leggings, the awesome sweater and the bag:) it is so pretty ! so click and maybe you will love something (if you are fashion addicted, you will love something, i promise!) and you will buy it :) they have affordable fashion clothing, so go get something from there!! ♥ (and please click on my links, if you wanna get there^^)
oh, and i really wanna start doing videos but please give me an idea for my first one, it's so hard to decide!!
have a lovely Saturday, Mai <3

Saturday, November 2, 2013 November is here!!

Hello guys! I planned to take an outfit pics today, but it didn't come out for me.. so I spent my Saturday sitting in front of my computer, on tumblr. So i thought that i should do an inspiration post <3 Tumblr is such an inspirational site, i just love it! i also changed my theme there- if you follow me there for long time, than you would notice ;0 October went really fast. actually everything goes really fast. soon my blog will celebrate his first birthday!! i'm so excited for that <3 tomorrow i will try to take the photos, but i don't want to promise. I have a test on Monday, and i need to study. Hope i will take the photos and if not, than on Monday or Tuesday. That I can promise. we made a cake and i want to enjoy it while it's hot ;) bye!